Mann's Monster Reel'n'Shad - Tackle Hookup: You'll be hooked in no time
Mann's Monster Reel'n'Shad
Brand Mann's

Mann's Monster Reel'n'Shad

The Monster Reel’N Shad from Mann’s is the colossal cousin to the already popular Reel’N Shad series, intro-duced in 2015. This version is over 9” of pulsating, swimming action. The old adage goes that big baits catch big fish, well the Monster Reel’N Shad is designed for that very purpose. The patent pending slot design is what makes this lure so unique. No other soft plastic on the market contains this special feature. The slot allows water to move through the bait creating a super lifelike baitfish imitation. Fish can’t resist it. The jighead included with this pack was specially designed to allow for this lure to be fished either weedless, or with an open hook. This big lure is perfect for catching giant largemouth, northern or musky, and the saltwater version is an absolute punisher on striper, cobia, bull reds, and tarpon. This lure is only available from Mann’s Bait Company.
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