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Farming and fishing have always been a huge part of my life.

Growing up and living on a farm during the late 1970's in central Kentucky provided an escape that many children these days rarely enjoy. Back then, the ring of a cellphone, the draw of a video game, or merely the thought of hanging out with your friends through the screen of a computer would have made a good series on your favorite sci-fi movie a bit far fetched. However, in just thirty years, my how things have changed. It actually seems like last week that I was walking the banks of our farm ponds with my dad as the bullfrogs hopped in and we looked for a place to sit down and catch a few bluegill and bass on Sunday after church. Whether we were attempting to catch the upcoming week's meal or simply enjoying those family moments that Trace Adkins sings about in "She Thinks We're Just Fishin" I'll never know, but I know I loved it then and miss it now.

In those formative years my love for the outdoors grew. Whether it was chasing a white-tail deer through the woods, jerking a Hula Popper along a mossy bank, or taking our annual offshore trip to Florida's Middle Grounds, I couldn't get enough of the outdoors. I can remember telling my dad that one day I wanted to own my own hunting or fishing shop and he would play along telling me that he would help make it happen.

Don Mayo
In memory of my friend and fishing partner Don Mayo, a waterfowl and marine artist. Miss you.

As I grew up, like everyone else, my responsibilities grew also. High-school gave way to college and a degree in nursing from the University of Kentucky. Although my time in the woods or on the water diminished, my love for it never did. Balancing church, school, relationships, and work was difficult but I definitely made time to enjoy hunting and fishing as much as possible.

After graduating college in 2003, I pursued my career in nursing for a very short time, as the call to return to my roots was just too great. I returned home to help my dad and grandpa with our farming operation and began a business myself in our hometown. Being self employed gave me a little more freedom to do some of the things that I had been missing out on for several years. In 2008, I met my lovely wife Beth and we were married on October 10th, 2009. Together, we enjoy much of the same things. Whether it be serving the Lord together in a foreign land on a mission trip, climbing up a white oak tree patiently waiting on a big buck, diving for lobsters in the Florida Keys, or running offshore in search of monster grouper, we enjoy God's creation together.

It is with our equal love for the outdoors and the water that we have set out on a new mission. A mission and goal that goes back to those early days when I longed to own my own business selling the products that I love to use. What might have seemed to dad as a far fetched idea then, has now become reality. Together Beth and I bring you Tackle Hookup!

Due to the large online response we are getting and after several years of expanding tackle sales at our Bluegrass Feed and Supply 150 Jeffries Ln. retail location, we are undergoing an extensive expansion to better serve you and the needs of our walk-in retail customers as well. We are running out of room in the warehouse and storage areas so this is a much needed step for us. Our targeted opening date for this expansion is Sept. 1, 2013. Please feel free to stop by our completed expansion in the Fall of '13, we think you will like what you see!

Our ZOOM selection is the largest in the world!

With over 15,000 warehoused items and new ones coming daily, we hope to provide you with the best selection and service of fishing tackle on the web. Our selection runs deep across all manufacturers however, we challenge you to find a better selection of Strike King, Pradco, and most of all ZOOM in the marketplace today. Every item they sell, we carry, and our ZOOM selection is the largest in the world!

As we grow we ask that you grow with us and help us by leaving comments on Facebook, Twitter, or email. Beth and I also thank you for visiting our site and hope you enjoy browsing through all of the products we offer.

As I close we will leave you with this. Jesus, in Matthew 4:19 is speaking to Peter and his brother Andrew when he says this "And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men". As Christians, Beth and I want you to understand the importance of Jesus Christ and what he did with the finished work on Calvary's cross. It is our hope that you have put your faith and trust in Him for the salvation that only he can give. Acts 4:12 says "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." If you haven't received Christ yet, why not? He's our only hope, and we would love to tell you about Him as well.

In Christ,

Beth and Jason

Beth and Jason